The Museum

The Nadelburg contains a private museum with a historically very valuable collection, consisting of photographs, documents, plans and the most beautiful display pieces dating back to the times when the factory at the Nadelburg was still producing more than 800 different items. The museum clearly shows the history of the ruling powers and the industries of the Nadelburg, manufactured articles and various other items, comprehensive photographic material relating to the history of the Nadelburg, as well as the former episcopal park where once a large castle surrounded by moats stood during the 12th century. The purpose of this former castle in the present-day Villateich was to defend the population from threatening raids from the east. This castle was destroyed in 1491. Because the former needle factory was located in close proximity to the castle, the name Nadelburg (i.e. needle castle) was adopted for the manufacturing site.

As manager and owner of the private
of local history, we, the Bachtrögl family, allow visits to the museum
free of charge for school pupils, students, club members and private individuals.

Founder: Franz Gehrer (1924 - 1997).

The Museum is located in the historic settlemant Nadelburg, Walzergasse 8.
It is housed in a building that itself forms part of the history of the Nadelburg, the so-called ‘Winkelhaus’ that was bought by Franz Gehrer in 1978. The exhibits can be viewed in different rooms.
Franz Gehrer collected virtually all of the exhibits during his lifetime. Our family makes every effort to continuously acquire and display new exhibits for the museum.

Impressions from a visit to the museum:

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