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Interesting facts and products from the Nadelburg factory. Click the images to enlarge.

Eagle gate - This is the entrance to the industrial settlement crowned with a double eagle, which was a sign from empress Maria Theresia.
Museum founder Franz Gehrer in his museum, year 1995. With modest means but enormous effort, a real treasure was assembled.
Brass bells of different sizes.
View of the settlement from the Adler gate.
The needle factory in the year 1995, demolished in 1998.
Irons, a mass product. Just like over 800 other objects too (metal, brass, sheet, bronze)
Guesthouse with the nine arcades, picture from 1934. In the front: Innkeeper Hubert Halbwax with wife and other residents.
The factory area with workers in the year 1887. Here were the sewing needle factory, administration building, hospital, casting works, wire mill, pipe mill, can factory and workers' barracks.
Villa "Castle Nadelburg" built between 1880 and 1882. The owners of the factory lived here. In 1951 until 1954 the castle was abrupt.
Different weights from the factroy & various brass parts.
The workers' houses were separated from the manorial park and the local area of Lichtenwörth by the "Red Wall", the three gates were always locked and guarded. There was a strict separation between the workers of the factory and the local residents of Lichtenwörth.
The church was only built for the workers of the factory. Nicolo Pacassi, the most famous of Maria Theresa’s master builders of the court, designed the church. The architectural style of the church corresponds to a diagonal oval, an extremely unusual ground plan for a church.
Image: Information board directly at the pond in the former mansion garden. In the 12th century there was a moated castle on the island by the pond. At that time only accessible to the owners, today it is a local recreation area for everyone.
The villa park with pond and island. Festivals are celebrated here, fishing, boat trips are also possible, ice skating in winter. The church, the dominant building, is also visible from here.
Brass Mortars with handles, buttons and pestles, also pharmacy mortars were produced.
Old post card from the year 1895.

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